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Canoe Studio specializes in: lead ads affiliate automation scripts, web page registration scripts, order automation scripts, web page registration scripts, test live scripts, data crawlers, batch automation scripts, game scripts

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Automation Scripting Custom Development Process

Automation Script Customization

Committed to helping more individuals and enterprises to carry out office automation, game automation, data automation, to achieve work automation
  • Scripting Requirements Analysis
    Client submits requirements in the form of documents, analyzes them and checks the effects of the script with the client
  • Payment of development deposit
    Script development before the need to pay a deposit of 50%, the development does not accept gratuitous demand changes
  • Customized Script Development
    Embark on script customization based on individual or business needs for high customization
  • Customized completion delivery testing
    Completing the customized script development and delivering it to the client for testing, and checking for defects in accordance with the requirement documents.
    Modification and commissioning customer acceptance
    Modify the debugging script according to the documentation, this stage is the script optimization stage.
  • Payment of final payment
    Acceptance testing cycle is 2 business days and the customer can perform any kind of script testing.
  • High quality and reliable after-sales service
    Canoe Script Studio has been serving hundreds of people and businesses for three years now, and word of mouth is spreading!
Script customization contact telegram @bayuechangan
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