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Here do not play false, do not talk about axiology, do not engage in false emptiness, do not teach you some of their own have not tried the so-called wool jerking live, poor feasibility, waste of time and energy, look long term, the network can make money as a career to do.

Something of real value is never free, come on something actually reliable! Time is often the biggest cost!

Why set up paid reading

Launched this site VIP member program, I will cut to the chase to write some dry articles (share their own experience or translation of foreign dry articles, in addition to the value of clean and available cracking tools and software). Doing anything needs thinking, the direction is wrong, all for nothing. But the direction of the right, in the key points also need other people's point of view, learn from other people's experience (if it is PAID traffic, that will save you a lot of money).

In addition, some content is not suitable for public sharing, for example, some involved in copyright, so set VIP access can filter some groups, to avoid loss and unnecessary trouble.

I've taken some of the articles and tools software, tutorials, etc. that have unique value and made them encrypted so that only paid members can view and download them. Other articles are free to browse, of course it doesn't mean that all the encrypted articles are to your liking, and not all the articles that are free to view are hydrological. Please understand that everyone has different levels of experience and knowledge. It's also not easy to do the job of plucking out the dry stuff from the mass of information!


What do VIP members get?

Share some of the resources I've spent thousands of dollars on, and get access to
VIP exclusive articles and content
latest money making strategies, methods, tutorials, software/tools
etc. Source: Webmaster's own experience, insights or translation of foreign paid content. To dry goods, hands-on experience and Tips as the main line, the Taoists say that the false transmission of books, the real transmission of a sentence, sometimes an article may be able to bring you inspiration and thinking.


How to pay and join

Sign up for an account (email only, password will be automatically sent to your email, if you can't find it, please look in the spam folder, can't find it, contact me to set it manually)

After payment, email me at [email protected] with your payment info (screenshot preferred) and I'll just activate the account in the backend.

* No need to confirm with me again and again before payment, WeChat and Alipay are both available, I will see the first time to help you open. If you encounter problems, please contact me.

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